project H.O.P.E.realized at New Lisbon

The Hope Program
The group consist of 12-15 carefully selected prisoners who meet and talk with kids for 11-19 years old from all over Wisconsin, Sparta, Tomah, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Racine, Milwaukee, Mondovi and on.

Kids come with their school counselors or teachers or principals. The Challenge Academy brings the most kids, over 100 per year, sometimes more. We talk to the kids and listen to them for 2 hours, sometimes more. There have been many , many success stories.

Below, picture of one student’s letter to Ramiah after attending H.O.P.E.Read Transcribed text below

Dear Ramiah,
My name is Sylvester. I am a student of Ms. Kelly. About two weeks ago someone tried to rob me. The man pulled out a knife, stabbing me in my back. While I was bleeding I fought him off and made it to my car. When I got to ER my boys was there telling me that they knew who had stabbed me and that when I got well they was going to take care of him, I mean hurt him in a bad way. Instead, I asked who did it and when they showed me where he was I said I want to do him myself. My boys asked me was I sure. I said yes just start the car.

When I approached the house I called the police from my cell phone and they came and arrested him. When I got back with my boys to maintain my cool I said he was lucky the police saved him. The reason I am writing you is to thank you for the letters because they make me look at life differently. Without your life encouragement that man would have been dead as a doorknob. PS/WB

Questions asked to participants before sessions. Transcribed text below picture.

NLCI H.O.P.E. Program
Questions to answer prior to your visit:

1.Ask yourself "What if I am confronted with...peer pressure, peer approval, drugs, gangs?"
• What would / did you do?
• Why would / did you do it?
• How would / did it make you feel?
• List two things you can do or would do differently.
2. What are some of the boundaries set by your parents?
Why do you think they set these boundaries / rules?
3. What are some of the boundaries set by your teachers?
Why do you think they set these boundaries / rules?
4. What are some expectations your parents and teachers have for you?
Do you agree with them?

Cadet followup letter:

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