A long way:Proposal for Debate Team

Since my arrival here at NLCI/ various competitions and/or tournaments have been held (volleyball/ basketball, handball/ etc). The majority of the tournaments are physical competitions, most-of-which require more physical conditioning versus intellectual or academic stimulation. The key factor in any of these competitions is one's physical abilities, and not so much one's intellect outside of trying to out-maneuver or out-think one's opponent within the context of the particular game/sport being played. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are less physically inclined or simply not as interested in physical competitions.

Therefore, it is my sincere hope that a debate team/ club/ tournament would be at least considered. As it is a fact that the majority of individuals re-integrating back into the Community will not go on to become professional athletes, their ability to communicate constructively becomes all-the-more essentially important.

Out in society, if an individual can average 20pts and 10 rebounds per game, or has a nice "kill shot," this will probably never be the deciding factor which gets them hired for legitimate employment. However, being able to communicate will inevitably give them a better chance. A debate club or league would teach individuals how to debate in an organized fashion, and how to assert themselves verbally rather than aggressively (physically). Perhaps, via a debate club or league, the dysfunctional use of violence as a means to express one's disagreement will become less prolific.

In the Animal Kingdom, lesser forms of communication are used to convey territorial disputes and the like. Seeing-as-how the ability to communicate verbally and express ourselves with words stemming from our ability to THINK, is what separates us from the Animal Kingdom, any activity which further bolsters this capacity within us should at least be considered. The brain is like any other muscle within the body. A debate club or league exercises the mind. The ability to communicate/ the Art of Verbal Pugilism, and having the ability to agree to disagree and convey one's position/ or opinion without the use of expletives or degrading-disrespectful language are all ideals or concepts instilled within an individual from their exposure to a debate forum.

At the end of the day/ what is more important/ one's ability to shoot free-throws/ or one's ability to communicate?
Thank you for your time. Ramiah A. Whiteside

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