letter to sentencing judge

September 17, 2007
Dear Judge William W. Brash III:

In a recent Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in which you asked a key question as you sentenced Stanley Daniels Jr. for killing 13yr. old Candace Moss. You asked:
"It doesn't seem, from my perspective, that
there is a de-escalation, detente if you will, with regards to this. It's almost as if you're a walking, talking blueprint of hundreds of young men who find their way into the justice system, thousands of young men... You'll go, and you'll spend your time, and you'll get out,and then what?"
Unfortunately Your Honor, this young man, along with many of the other thousands, will not receive the treatment or rehabilitation they need while they are incarcerated. This is largely due to the severe overcrowding the system is currently experiencing.
My name is Ramiah A. Whitaside and I have been incarcerated for going on 13 years. Unless you as a Judge specifically sentence an offender to take certain programs, they run the risk of being warehoused, and to answer your question of "...and then what?" they will be released unprepared and destined to return. Sadly, I nave witnessed it time and time again. It is true that each individual makes their own choices, but sometimes we need a lot of help learning to make the right choices. When you sentence a defendant, you expect that defendant to receive treatment and programming prior to their release. The system is so overcrowded that this does not
always happen. It is society who ultimately pays because they pay taxes to be protected and the currant overcrowding only ensures their future victimization. "And then what?" The cycle continues.
Thank you for your time.
Ramiah A. Whites

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