on gangs

Dear Ms. Gena Kittner:
This letter is in regards to a story you just wrote on the budding gang issue in Stoughton. The reason your story is of interest to me is because I have been lobbying to get some kind of dialogue going between former gang members and different communities which are battling full-blown gang issues, and budding ones. Since I am incarcerated, getting people to even listen to my ideas or proposals is worse than pulling teeth, but because of where I am, that is to be expected. The sad part is, the gangs do not have to wait for any bureaucratic red tape to clear before a decision is made. In fact, speaking from experience, we prey on indecision. We play on the publics' naivety. We like it when people go into denial and refuse to admit that gangs are a reality because then we can operate with impunity.
If you are interested in discussing this matter further, please get in touch with me at the address listed below. Although I realize your livelihood is in reporting this story or that one, I am not interested in a story; in fact, it is better that my name not be printed in the context of any story. It is not a matter of shyness, it is more a matter of safety for myself. Hopefully I will hear from you. If not, good luck.
Ramiah Whiteside

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