Dear Oprah

April 16, 2006 Dear Oprah:
My name is Ramiah Whiteside. This letter is in regards to a tragic event which took place exactly eleven years ago to the day on this coming April 24, 2006.

On the night of April 24, 1995, I fled from the Milwaukee Police Department in a stolen car. The chase ended when the car I was driving want through a busy intersection on a red light, was hit by other cars, spun out of control, demolished a bus shelter killing three people, and then slammed into an apartment complex and exploded killing a passenger in the car.

Recently, a Mother of one of the victims made a statement to the effect that she would like to meet with me and speak with me. (Please see enclosed article)
As-of-right now, I am still incarcerated and probably will be for a few more years (at least.) More than anything, I would like to give this Mother the opportunity to meet with me. She no doubt has many questions, and maybe I won't have any answers, but she deserves a chance to ask them. Over the years, I have enjoyed your show because you generate so much hope and sometimes you seem to be the only person willing to address certain real-life issues. You care. The whole world knows you care.

Mrs. Lucy Wallace-Paris is the Mother of Clifton B. Wallace. He was killed while waiting on the bus stop with his girlfriend and sweetheart Kimberly Carr. Also killed was Royer D. Kirk and Payton Ashford. Recently your show aired the meeting between a young man who killed another man's family. After viewing this show and reading what Mrs. Wallace-Paris said, I thought of you- Please consider my request. If I can help this Mother find some more closure or get some answers. I am willing to try.
Thank you so much for your time.
Ramiah A. Whiteside


  1. I am going to post this in her website... Need your permission 1st.
    Did you get a response from Oprah???

  2. Ramiah.. my name is LaToya and Kimberly Carr was my first cousin. Today is her birthday and she would had been 34.. It's ironic that that someone sent me this link because Kim has been heavy on my heart.. She was my best friend.. Her boyfriend and I grew up with each other.. So the night they were killed I lost two important people dear to my heart. I want you to know I forgive you hon.. I truly do.. I wish u the best in your life and I hope one day to actually meet you.. God is good and thank you for giving me closure.