Summary of Movie Crash

Summary of Movie: CRASH
By Ramiah Whiteside
The movie CRASH is a much-needed reminder of race-relations in America today. Although, as a Nation, we have made strides in the right direction towards tolerance and diversity, unfortunately, racism, bigotry, prejudice, and the like, are part of a cancer which still plagues us as a society. CRASH is a reality check, if you will, because sometimes, people will avoid the truth, or choose to deny reality. The reality is, the truth is, race-relations here in America, the leader of Democracy for the FreeWorld, sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. It depends on what side of the spectrum you happen to be on.
Kudos to the producers and the cast of CRASH for having the fortitude and courage to depict such a film. The adage that "seeing is believing" applies here because if people do not see the day-to-day situations, or are not made aware of them, they tend to deny or refuse to believe that they exist. We all know that the mere denial of a problem or thing does not and will not negate the fact that it is what it is, or does exist. After viewing CRASH, people, perhaps, say to themselves,
"Is it really that bad?"
Unfortunately, yes, and in some situations, maybe even worse. However, the fact that more people are made aware of the situation is a big step in the right direction towards addressing the situation/problem.
From my personal perspective, I know how humiliating it can be to be "punked" by the "establishment," or the "man." Sometimes I would get so angry at the sheer unfairness of it all (society, my demographic, the codes, the rules, the protocol...etc), that I would lash out in various ways, like, carrying a weapon so that no one else would "punk" me like "they" did; so no one else would humiliate me like "they" did; so no one else would trample on .my beliefs, my dignity, my honor, and my self-respect like "they" did. So, when the Black movie producer jumps out of his SUV the second time he was pulled over and begins to snap; I could relate to him 100%. I could feel and understand his anger/ his frustration, his hopelessness, his utter recklessness, his feeling of being trapped, and his disappointment. He was so fed up and so tired of the way things were. It is at these crucial times that individuals need the guidance of CGIP.
When things are going well, everyone is happy. These times are not the measure of a man, or the measure of a woman, or the measure of what works (program-wise). The measure of these such things is what happens when things do not go our way, when life is shitty and we feel we have run out of good choices, when we are at our wit's end; it is at these moments when we find out or discover what we are made of, or what we are not made of. It is at these moments that we find out, hey, the program really works. CGIP is like the umbrella to life for us. When it really starts pouring, you would much rather have that umbrella than get all wet (ruin your life).
As a tool for the application of CGIP concepts and skills, I recommend CRASH because it is so close to reality of the New Millennium.

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